Students in Quebec, Canada, who have been striking and protesting peacefully against fee increases have been violently attacked by police The students are protesting against increases in tuition fees which will mean many students will be unable to study - particularly those from poorer homes or from ethnic minorities. The students have been on strike and have been engaging in peaceful protest but the police have turned increasingly violent with hundreds of students - including some children being arrested and given huge fines for demonstrating and even for sitting in university canteens. The police have used rubber bullets as well as tear gas and pepper spray against the students - who say that their protest is widening to include other aspects of government policy - including the so-called Plan Nord which aims to develop vast acres of territory in the North of the country in indigenous territory which contains diamonds, which corporations want to get access to. The students say that billions of dollars is being invested in the plan for the sake of corporations while students and education are expected to pay through cuts and fee hikes. At one point students entered the parliament buuilding and delayed the speech of the Canadian Premier Charest, in which he was due to talk about the Plan Nord. He made light of the protests - further enflaming the situation. The video above gives more details of the latest developments in Quebec.