queensblog.jpg Queensland Teachers at a strike rally in May  Teachers in Queensland, Australia were due to go on strike on August 5th in pursuit of their pay claim Members of the Queensland Teachers Union (QTU) are engaged in a long campaign to bring their salaries up to the level of teachers in the rest of Australia. However the Labour Government in Queensland has used the Industrial Relations Court to stop them taking strike acction on August 5th. The following is a press release from QTU:


Education workers betrayed by Labor government

The Queensland Teachers’ Union has condemned the Bligh Government’s cynical manipulation of the state’s industrial relations system after the Union’s 42,000 state school teacher and principal members were today denied their right to take legitimate industrial action in pursuit of a decent enterprise bargaining agreement.

QTU President Steve Ryan said the QTU would abide by commission orders against the planned 24-hour strike next Wednesday in the interests of clarity for members, parents and caregivers.

However, Mr Ryan said the QTU and its members remained committed to the campaign to lift their pay from among the lowest in Australia.

"This does not spell the end of a bitter three-month dispute between Queensland teachers and the government, but heralds the beginning of a determined campaign that will run until Queensland teachers and principals receive justice," Mr Ryan said.

"The Union has been inundated today with calls from members incensed that their employer, a Labor government, would stoop to the kind of low political tactics we have seen in the past week."

Besides ordering strike action to be stopped and a work ban on national partnership agreements lifted, the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission issued a range of recommendations about which the Union will now begin consultation with its members.

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Steve Ryan (President) 07 3512 9000