Teachers protesting Cuts in Queensland Teachers in Queensland, Australia, are rallying today to protest the lifting of class size targets in the state The union says that the current class size targets of 25  for the youngest children and sixth forms, and 28 for all others are not always being met and that many young children are being taught in oversized classes. In the present climate of cuts in public service budgets they fear that the removal of targets in their new contract will make matters even worse. Already there have been 6,500 jobs lost in the public services in Queensland with a further 13,500 on the cards. The teachers are also protesting about a 2.7% pay offer which is being offered at the expense of worsening conditions. The Queensland Teachers Union is particularly concerned about conditions for teachers sent many thousands of kilometres away from their homes in their first years in teaching in order to fulfil the requirement to do 'country service.' Firefighters and other emergency services are also rallying today against cuts.