queensblog.gif  Photos from Queensland A hugely well supported strike campaign is underway in Queensland, Australia The following is a report from the Queensland Teachers Union: Teachers up and down Queensland yesterday let Anna Bligh know in no uncertain terms that they will not back down on their demand for fair pay.

Forced into strike action by the state government’s refusal to offer a pay deal commensurate with teachers elsewhere in Australia, thousands of Queensland Teachers' Union members have today been attending strike meetings.

From Toowoomba to Townsville and from Capella to Cairns, teachers have been gathering to express their solidarity in the face of state government intransigence.

Reports are still coming in, but more than 10,000 teachers have already been confirmed as attending a strike meeting somewhere in the state today, ranging from 4,000 who turned out for the mass meeting in Brisbane through to the one person who attended a teleconference in remote Karumba.

And everywhere, the results have been the same, with teachers voting overwhelmingly to condemn the state government's position and backing further industrial action if progress cannot be made towards a reasonable settlement.