Cartoon at top of Kingdon's article

Yet another leading advocate of corporate reform has taken up her pen to attack teachers. This time, leading 'reform' academic Geeta Kingdon, chooses to blame Indian teachers for the failures of the education system. Just in case her message isn't totally transparent, the cartoon at the top of the piece shows a bloated and well-dressed 'teacher' asleep at his desk.

Citing the OECD's PISA rankings as evidence that Indian public schools are a 'disaster', she advocates performance assessment by local school management. She goes on to make this typically unsubstantiated statement: 'The (government's) focus on lowering pupil-to-teacher ratios and improving physical infrastructure was also misguided: International research does not support the notion that either factor consistently leads to better learning. ' And her solution of course is more low-fee private schools.

On this website we frequently report on the often appalling conditions in which Indian teachers have to work, their low pay and lack of security. This week we read about teachers in Karnataka state, threatening strike action because they are not even given enough money to buy chalk. Meanwhile in Odisha, teachers are on hunger strike because of the failure to appoint them on permanent contracts. Yet instead of addressing these conditions, 'reformers' will always suggest privatisation and blaming teachers.

This problem is not confined to the global South. Where we are based in the UK, more and more draconian measures against teachers are being taken at the same time as privatisation is proceeding apace and budgets are being slashed, making teaching and learning ever more stressful and impossible.

It's a global struggle for public education.