Teachers and trade unionists all over the world are calling for the release of the Bahraini Teachers' leaders After their sentence was upheld on October 21st, Jalila al Salman was taken back to prison where she had previously been tortured and forced to sign 'confessions', as she explains in the interview above. Meanwhile Mahdi Abu Dheeb remains in prison where he is suffering from failing health. Bahrain is one of the main allies of the west and home to the US fifth fleet - it is also one of the principal customers for western arms sales.  It ruthlessly represses protest  - the teachers' leaders' only 'crime' was to orgnaise a strike  and call for democratic change. As a result many teachers and pupils were arrested and pupils were dragged off buses and beaten if they did not have a picture of the king in their school books. Western leaders claim to defend democracy, while arming despotic regimes like the one in Bahrain. Meanwhile teachers and trade unionists are campaigning vigorously for the immeadiate release of Jalila and Mahdi. Join the campaigns here or here