Teachers in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil are on strike for a second week demanding improved conditions and salaries and an end to temporary contracts for new teachers, as well as an end to the present orientation of education towards neo-liberal 'reform.' 

The teachers held large demonstrations last week and as a result of their actions, the government is now threatening them with the docking of their wages and even the sack if they continue their action. The union leadership and the teachers remain defiant in the face of these threats and are going to the courts to establish their right to strike.

An academic who is supporting the strike, Professor Adilson Filho said:  “We would like society to understand that our struggle is not just salary…But against this policy that has transformed classrooms into production lines, dehumanizes education and promotes a climate of competition that only harms the young students."

This is not the first teachers' strike in Brazil in recent weeks. Sao Paulo teachers were on strike in May, and in June, teachers were among the thousands protesting against the lack of funds for public services, while billions of dollars are spent on sporting events like the Olympic Games.

In the video above, one of the teachers says that she considers that she is not only fighting for her own rights but setting an example to her students of the imperative to do so. This echoes a common slogan among teachers in Latin America "Teachers in struggle are also teaching!"