'Money for education & children - not for bankers!' - a banner on yesterday's demonstration Teachers in Berlin struck yesteday for better pay and conditions Unlike their colleagues in other German states, Berlin teachers are not classified as civil servants so their pay is lower, they have less job security and have to pay more for health insurance. As a result, teachers are leaving the capital in droves to teach in other areas. So one of the demands in Berlin is for negotiations to bring them the same conditions as their colleagues in other parts of the country. The strikes will not be confined to Berlin however. Yesterday's action, which saw 5000 teachers on the streets demonstrating and 200 schools closed, was just the first strike in pursuit of a 6.5% pay increase across all the states. More strikes are following this week, with Lower Saxony and Baden Wurttemburg striking today and Bremen tomorrow. The teachers union GEW is keeping up the pressure till the next round of negotiations at the beginningof March.