Teachers in Romania took part in a mass protest last Wednesday through the streets of the capital, Bucharest, to demand, among other things, a living wage. Starting teachers in Lativa earn a paltry $213 a month - less than half the average wage in the country. The teachers are also demanding that a larger share of the national budget be spent on education, as well as improved pensions and teaching hours. The protesters carried banners with slogans like 'Solidarity!' and 'Without Education any Nation will die.' Last week doctors and other health workers were also protesting against cuts and demanding more money for health.

The union has said that if the government fails to take notice of their protest, they will organise a strike throughout the education sector. Romanian teachers staged an indefinite , when their pay was cut by 25%, at the behest of the Inernational Monetary Fund - part of a raft of austerity measures in what was already the second poorest country in the Eurozone.

Education International has given its full support to the Romanian teachers. Read more background and a detailed list of demands on .