romania.jpg  Romanian Teachers Demonstrating in Bucharest Earlier This Year Unions in Romania are calling a general strike this month to fight the IMF dictated austerity measures which the government is planning to implement Trade unionists are aiming to get one million people out on strike on the day the government puts its austerity measures to parliament. Romania is the second poorest country in the European Union and the government is proposing to cut the pay of public employess by 25% and pensions by 15%. Meanwhile teachers are on indefinite strike for a pay increase. The lowest paid teachers earn as little as 200 euros a month and the government has already reneged on a promise to increase their pay by 50%. This along with the sacking of 33000 teachers has already caused a one day strike in April.  (see previous posts)The 350,000 teachers who are coming out on strike are backed by the other trade unions and there will be warning and solidarity strikes by civil servants, transport and health workers. Romanian teachers join many others across Europe who are fighting the cuts caused by the financial ciris Messages of support and solidarity to the Romanian teachers can be emailed to the following address: