greva-romania.jpg Romanian Teachers to Strike Romanian teachers are to strike tomorrow in protest against extremely low pay and lay offs 15000 teachers are to be laid off in September and a further 18000 were made redundant last year. If this was not enough, teachers' pay is extremely low. The previous administration had promised a 50% increase in teachers' pay which would have brought the lowest paid teacher up to approximately 300 euros per month. However this was cut by the present government to an increase of only 17% which has still not been paid to the majority of Romania's teachers. Even if as the government now says this increase is paid and backdated to January 2009 this still leaves the lowest paid teachers with little more than 200 euros per month. Needless to say Romania's economy is suffering as a result of the economic crisis and it has been subject to the ministrations of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which has forced it to make 'efficiency' savings in public services - hard to see how this could happen when teachers are not being paid enough to make ends meet - leave alone to look after a family. Nonetheless the present government in Romania - like so many others in Europe and across the world seems determined to make public services - especially education - pay for the crisis. And as in so many other countries - Romania's teachers are fighting to defend education. Messages of solidarity can be sent to: