Teachers in some parts of Russia have been unpaid as local governments run out of money. Those in the Zabaikalsky region of Siberia went on strike earlier this month after not being paid for three months. Now the teachers union in Murmansk has filed a complaint because teachers were not paid their March salaries. According to reports there is deep unhappiness and anger in communities because as well as teachers being unpaid, social benefits have also been withheld. 

Like their colleagues in many parts of the world, a lot of teachers in Russia are on the minimum wage, some earning as little as $500 a month and with sharp inflation they are finding it difficult to make ends meet.As a result it is difficult to attract young people into teaching. The problems are compounded by the continuing underfunding  of schools. Moreover - again like so many others - they are often treated with contempt. One official apparently told teachers in another region of Russia, after making severe cuts to their salaries, that the answer to their problems was to find a rich husband.

In 2012, there were protests (in the video above) in Moscow by teachers against plans to charge for secondary education.

As the economy in Russia declines, as usual it is ordinary people and public services who bear the brunt, with 40% of the population under the poverty line. However, there have been very low levels of militancy in the country over the last ten years, with the President, Vladimir Putin, managing to present a narrative of Russia being surrounded by enemies and passing the blame for the country's economic problems down to local governments.