Saudi Military entering Bahrain A young teacher in Saudi Arabia is being held by security forces The teacher, Muhammad al-Wad'ani was seized in Riyadh on March 4th  after a video of him calling for change was posted on YouTube. Amnesty International has called for his immediate release saying that it apppears that he has been arrested simply for speaking out. As in many other countries in the Middle East, teacher protests have been in the forefront of the movement for democracy. 200 unemployed teachers staged a protest in front of the education ministry in Saudi at the beginning of January (see previous post) a protest which highlights the problem of lack of opportunity for young people even those with higher education - 44% of of the young unemployed are graduates. Saudi Arabia is ruled by an absoloute monarchy which contains 8000 princes - meanwhile there is no freedom of expression for the people, no transparency  and women have virtually no rights at all. Saudi Arabia is emerging as the policeman of the protests sweeping the region and has sent troops into neighbouring Bahrain to quell demonstrations there. It is one of the main allies of US and European governments - apparently their 'enthusiasm' for democracy does not include a state which controls 20% of the world's oil reserves. The people of Saudi Arabia however are demanding their freedom and bravely turning out to demonstrate despite the secret police who routinely use torture against opponents of the regime.