School children are among those arrested by the military government's security services in Egypt, according to a new report by the human rights group Amnesty International. Hundreds of people have been arrested as they protested against the military regime and children are routinely taken along with their parents. Not only that but one child, 15 year old Khaled Mohamed Bakara, was detained for four weeks for having school stationery, bearing a symbol said to support the Morsi government. He is currently on bail accused of being part of a banned group and owning stationery 'that inspires violence against the armed forces.'

Many teachers were in the forefront of the revolution which toppled Hosni Mubarak three years ago today. Moreover they continued to fight, when the Morsi government was elected, continued its repression of trade unions and protest, and did nothing about the shocking conditions obtaining in public schools.  Teachers earn as little as $50 a month, thousands are on temporary contracts, class sizes are often sixty plus and parents have to pay for private tuition in order both to supplement teachers' salaries and to have a hope of a reasonable education for their children. The democratic teaching union fought all these things both before the revolution and afterwards.

Now however the military regime is carrying on where Morsi and Mubarak left off. Young people and students are being particularly targeted since they were also in the forefront of the 2011 revolution and the 2013 movement which toppled Morsi.

A new initiative is being launched today to garner international solidarity for the struggle of the Egyptian people to rescue their revolution. The founding statement, headed 'Where is Democracy' quotes Amnesty International:

that current policies are “a charter for state-sanctioned repression and carte blanche for security force abuses”. In a detailed report on Egypt at the third anniversary of the 2011 revolution, the organisation concludes that such policies are “a betrayal of all the aspirations for bread, freedom and social justice”.

To read the statement and join the many academics, teachers and activists from around the world signing up go here.