It is estimated that up to 7000 schools have been damaged or destroyed in the Philippines in the devastation caused by Tyhoon Haiyan. Morevoer UNICEF estimates that 1.5 million children live in the worst affected areas in the country. One of these is the island of Leyte, where 1000 people were killed in one town, Tacloban.

Schools across the country are closed and there is a real worry about when and whether they will be able to re-open. Meanwhile the children of the poor in the country have been some of the worst affected by the disaster, living in flimsily constructed buildings. It is a feature of such natural disasters, that the poor are always the most likely to be killed and their schools destroyed because of shoddy or inadequate building materials. We have reported many similar events, where schools have been destroyed and children killed, for example in Haiti and China in the last few years.

This website sends its heart-felt solidarity to the teachers and children of the Philippines and to their communities.