High school students are occupying schools in Chile as they continue their determined fight for free education Meanwhile teachers have decided to go on strike on August 28th in solidarity with the students. As a result of the intensifying struggle and the occupations of schools, the government hurriedly passed a draconian law, dubbed the Hinzpeter Law - after the Chile's unpopular interior minister. The law would see students involved in occupations or 'unauthorised' protests facing up to three years in jail. Human rights groups say it could affect all protests in the country. Its passing  has made the students more determined than ever to prosecute their fight. The students are campaigning for free education for all at all levels of education. One of the student leaders told reporters: “We pledge ourselves to the radicalization of the student movement, with the main slogan saying no to the ‘Hinzpeter Law’ and no to the criminalization of social demands." This is just the latest manifestation of the struggle which has been waged, predominately by the students but also by the teachers for many months. On August 28th, that struggle will come together once again.