glasgowschools2_430.jpg  Some of the Campaigners in Glasgow Parents in Glasgow, Scotland are occupying two primary schools in their fight to stop a mass closure of schools in the town. The schools, Wyndford Primary School and St Gregory's Primary School are on the Wyndford estate. Parents occupying the school say that the schools are the heart of the community and to close them down would rip the heart out. Parents blame the council for failing to repair and maintain buildings and then using that as an excuse to shut them down. If the closures go ahead children will be in bigger classes and young children will have to travel a long way to get to school. The parents are getting a lot of support from the local community. They say that the sit in has brought the community together with local people bringing in food and local businesses supplying beds and other necessaries for the occupation. A spokesperson for the campaign Save Our Schools said that they had three things to say to the council:
  • Cut class sizes not schools
  • Invest in community schools
  • Either vote to save the schools later this month or face the sack
Text messages of support to 447770806270