scot.jpg  Part of one of the EIS anti-cuts Demonstrations last March Delegates at the conference of Scotland's largest teachers' union - the Education Institute of Scotland (EIS) have voted to ballot for strike action over cuts According to speakers at the conference huge spending cuts were causing increased class sizes, job losses and school closures (see previous post). Some schools are even short of basic materials such as jotters and books. While ther have been cut backs from Westminster the problem has been exacerbated by a freeze on council tax. Helen Connor, outgoing President of the EIS reminded delegates about the demonstration of 10,000 which had taken place in March under the slogan: "Why must out children pay?" She asked:

“We must once again question the deeply held belief that public sector cuts are inevitable, and we must ask the following questions:

• Is it more important to spend money on Trident than it is to have smaller class sizes? • Is it sensible to continue with the freezing of the Council Tax at the expense of supplies of pencils, photocopy paper etc within our schools? • Should our local authorities really be given the choice of smaller class sizes or free school meals?? • Should the Scottish Government be advertising the rights for children under the ASN Act at the same time as Local Authorities are cutting back on support staff all across the country? • Should we, as a country be sitting back watching our very well trained probationer teachers having to look for employment out of of Scotland?”