Teachers in Scotland have voted to balllot for strike action over increased workload and an increase in the pension age.

The devolved Scottish government is rolling out a new curriculum: 'the Curriculum for Excellence' (CfE). Teachers say it is being introduced at the same time as budgets are being cut and support staff numbers reduced. Yet CfE demands a lot of extra work from teachers as well as extra resources.

The vote took place at the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) conference in Perth, the union which the overwhelming majority of teachers in Scotland belong to. One delegate, Celia Connolly, that the result of the introduction of CfE was, "a huge increase in the workload of our teachers. CfE is being delivered on the goodwill of teachers and we are working excessive hours and trying to manage an unmanageable, burdensome workload".

Teachers are also taking action of the increase of the pension age to 68 - a development which is being fought in the rest of the UK as well.