walesblog.jpg  Teachers and Parents Lobbying the Welsh Assembly Government Last Spring The Scottish teaching union the Education Institute of Scotland (EIS) is planning a massive campaign against education spending cuts The campaign's slogan is 'Why Must our Children Pay?' and argues that Scottish children are not responsible for the havoc wrought on the economy by the financial crisis. The centrepiece of the campaign will be a mass rally and march in Glasgow in March. EIS General Secretary Ronnie Smith said: "The bleak financial position that the country currently finds itself in was not caused by our schools or colleges or by our young people. "We want to send a strong message to government at every level that our children and young people must not be forced to pay the price for the cavalier behaviour of others that lead to this recession." Teacher numbers in Scotland have fallen by 2000 in the last two years. 4 schools in the sottish capital Edinburgh are due to close as a reault of spending cuts and teachers report having to buy their own teaching materials to make up for the shortfall in funding. Menwhile in Aberdeen the local authority is planning £23 million of cuts in the next year leading amongst other things to the loss of 84 teaching posts. Ronnie Smith said, "The threat to education funding is very real. Already, over the past year, we have seen very significant cuts in education budgets and classroom resources right across the country. "Even basic classroom resources such as books, paper, pencils and photocopying of worksheets are becoming increasingly scarce" A similar campaign is underway in Wales under the slogan 'Fair Play for Welsh Children' - where a lobby took place in December demanding more money for Welsh schools. These campaigns are being replicated all over Europe as education and other public services are increasingly being expected to to pay for the economic crisis. believes it is an urgent necessity that these campaigns are co-ordinated throughout Europe and the world and would be very pleased to hear from anyone involved in such campaigns anywhere in the world so that they can be reported on this site. Please contact