Students preparing Placards in Seattle Protests have taken place in Seattle and Chicago, US, this week against education cuts In Seattle pupils walked out of school to protest the education cuts being made by the state government. They chanted 'you cut school, so we cut class' as they joined with university students who were also protesting against the cuts. The state government is cutting a further $250 million from schools and $160 from higher education. Amongst other things the state is not going to replace old school buses -as we reported last week, in Los Angeles the state government is cutting funding for transport all together. Read moreon the Seattle stroy at: Meanwhile on the same day in Chicago, protestors were demanding accountability from Rahm Emanuel who is set on privatising Chicago schools, building on the work done by previous Chicago chief, Arne Duncan - now Obama's federal head of education. Chicago has introduced a so-called turnaround scheme for schools where schools judged to be 'failing' fire all their staff and bring in a new head teacher who will enforce discipline, hire new staff and drive up test scores. The Occupy Chicago website says: “Because we agree with his focus on accountability, we are requesting that "Mayor 1%" Emanuel schedule a meeting with us to address our concerns about his failing the 99% in Chicago,” says Joshua Kaunert, an Occupy Chicago committee member. “We understand that this meeting would be out of the Mayor’s comfort zone, as we can't bring any millionaire campaign donors to the table. If he doesn't agree to a meeting so that we can voice these concerns, we will have no choice but to "Turnaround" the Mayor's Office.” Read more at: All over the USA teachers, students, parents and communities are resisting the plans of state and federal governments to make the poor and public services pay for the crisis of the financial system, which was caused by the very people who are still running that system in Washington -and certainly not by public services or their users.