Teachers and their supporters in Seattle, USA have won a stunning victory as a result of their boycott of high stakes testing. Jesse Hagopian, one of the leaders of the action said: "Huge win for the today! The Superintendent of the Seattle Public Schools just announced MAP test is not required for high schools next year! We just showed the power of withholding your labor and making demands!…Now we press on to get the MAP test eliminated for all the Seattle Schools.” As yet, the MAP test will still be taken in elementary schools.

The MAP boycott which started in Garfield High School in Seattle, has garnered support from around the world and stimulated a movement which is in many other US states. Last month Hagopian in DC about the Seattle action and shared ideas about how to organise a successful boycott. “Testing is the lifeblood of the corporate education model,” Hagopian told the audience. “Reducing students and teachers and all their many talents into tiny data points is how they get away with closing schools. They label your school a failure.”