Fukushima Child Below is a letter received by this website asking for messages of solidarity to be sent to Fukushima "Since the 3/11 earthquake, Japanese society has changed dramatically. Many young people are now rising up around the country. On September 11, six months after the quake, hundreds of thousands marched throughout Japan against nuclear power: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SposUB9c26s&feature=player_embedded  "On the other hand, not a few teachers and parents in Fukushima Prefecture are now suffering from a sense of "isolation."  "Teachers and the parents in Fukushima Prefecture have been desperately trying to evacuate at least the kids because they are three to ten times more vulnerable to radioactivity than adults and the Story of Sadako who died from leukemia ten years after A-bombing of Hiroshima is well-known in Japan. Even the Asahi Newspaper, which was and still is one of the main promoters of the nuclear energy, reported the result of its media poll last week, “51 % of the Fukushima Prefecture residents with kids wish to migrate outside the prefecture"  "However, the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology and the prefectural and local Education Boards not only deny massive evacuation but also attack the teachers and the parents who only modestly demand to measure levels of radioactivity in playgrounds, school lunches etc, as “troublemakers” or “pushy parents” who “incite anxiety and fear.” Administrators are intimidating teachers and parents who speak out. Substitute teachers are the most threatened because the education boards announced, “we need not so many subs because the population of school children has decreased by their evacuation.” Some teachers say, “Fukushima is under de facto martial law. We are treated as ‘unpatriotic’ as though it was the second world war.”  "In these circumstances, rank and file teachers’ union activists from around Japan will hold a solidarity rally on September 23 in Fukushima Prefecture Teachers Union’s Hall. The President and the Secretary General of the FPTU as well as the leaders of Fukushima Prefecture School Clerical Workers Union will speak at the rally." Please send messages of solidarity to: http://www.doro-chiba.org/english/english.htm