blogsen.jpg  A school class in Senegal Senegalese primary and secondary teachers continued their strike this week after talks broke down with the government The teachers are striking because the government has failed to honour a promise from 2003 that it would pay increased allowances for housing costs and continue to pay grants for teacher research. Union leaders also fear that longer working hours will be demanded. Altogether 18 unions are involved in the strike and there have been deomonstrations in the capital Dakar. Senegal like other African Francophone countries and encouraged by the IMF employs many so-called 'contract' teachers, with little training and whose pay can be 50% lower than their professional colleagues. This has had a detrimental effect both on education outcomes - with more grade repetition and poorer leaving exam results but also on teacher morale with many teaching just for a short while until they can find a job with a better salary.