As teachers in the U.S. conduct work stoppages and become more politically engaged to protect public education and the teaching profession, the Right is meeting their challenge by striking down ballot initiatives that will fund schools adequately.  The latest instance of this occurring is in Arizona, where a collaboration between the independent movement, Arizona Educators United, which led a state-wide walkout, and the Arizona affiliate of the National Education Association yielded enough signatures to place a referendum on the ballot to increase taxes on the wealthy to fund public schools. The Arizona state supreme court, which had its composition changed by the ultra-right governor, has struck down the ballot measure.

In response, Arizona teachers and school workers with parents and community, with an endorsement from the National Education Association, are organizing a national #RedforEd day on September 4. They are asking people to take two pictures and upload them to social media platforms writing "We Stand In Solidarity With Arizona Educators using hashtags #RedForEd #InvestInEd .