Teachers in Serbia are to strike on Wednesday of this week over government moves to impose a pay cut. The teachers are taking this action in the face of legal restrictions on their right to strike in the country. Earlier this month, in what one of their unions described as a 'from of civil disobedience' they cut the first classes of the morning and afternoon and threatened to escalate the action if the pay cuts were not reversed.

Although 70% of teachers have a higher education degree their pay is some of the lowest in the public sector - being the same as drivers and secretaries working for example in the ministries. Teachers average $416 a month - well below the average wage. Now they are being told to accept a pay cut. All four teaching unions in the country are united in their fight against the imposed pay cut, saying that the government did not even go through the pretence of negotiation.

Serbia is yet another country which is receiving the attention of the International Monetary Fund, which demands the cutting of public spending and increasing privatisation as a means of solving its budget crisis, although of course times are not hard for its resident billionaires. Meanwhile teachers will be out on the streets on Wednesday demanding to be paid a decent salary.