indonblog.jpg  Rescuers Searching for Survivors in the Rubble of a School in Padang Shoddy school building is being blamed for the many schoolchildren and teachers killed in the Indonesian earthquake In the worst-hit city of Padang hundreds of schools were among the many buildings destroyed by the earthquake. In all the earthquake flattened 887 school in Indonesia according to the Education Ministry and an unknown number of children and their teachers lost their lives. Many people in the country are blaming corruption for the poor standards of construction in the country. Although Indonesia is liable to massive earthquakes at least once every hundred years (considerably worse than the one which has just taken place) there are no local government building regulations to ensure that public buildings are able to withstand earthquakes. This is even true in the Padang region which is on one of the most volatile seismic fault lines in the world. The secretary General of the Indonesian Red Crescent said, "There's so much corruption in Indonesia ... Money is available and it shouldn't be a problem building houses with strong foundations, but unfortunately it's been misused. Those who suffer from corruption are the people. Life is precious and people shouldn't die because of the government's mismanagement."