Slovakian Teachers Striking at the end of the last Century Teachers in Slovakia are protesting about low education funding and low payOn Thursday they organised protests in Slovakia as part of their petition campaign for proper funding for education. They are demanding that the 3.8% of GDP currently spent on education be raised to 6% and that teachers get at least the average wage which is $1000 a month. Ministers have already said that there is no chance of such a large pay rise. Slovakia is part of the European Union yet 21% of its population live below the poverty line, there is 18% unemployment and its teachers are notoriously badly paid. Like other countries in the former 'communist' east of Europe, the change to capitalism has meant wholesale neo-liberal policies - the CIA factbook says:" Major privatizations are nearly complete, the banking sector is almost entirely in foreign hands, and the government has helped facilitate a foreign investment boom with business friendly policies", including "cheap and skilled labour." Among the most skilled and the cheapest are of course Slovakia's teachers who are planning a further protest rally in Bratislava on September 13th.