A previous Strike by Teachers in Slovakia Teachers in Slovakia are to go on strike on September 13th demanding more money for education Leaders of the teachers' union say that the state budget for education has been cut by almost $10 million, although this has been partly mitigated by some European Union funding. Teachers in Slovakia earn an average salary of about $960 - less than the average wage in the country. As this website reported at the time of a an anti-cuts protest by teachers last September: Slovakia is part of the European Union yet 21% of its population live below the poverty line, there is 18% unemployment and its teachers are notoriously badly paid. Like other countries in the former ‘communist’ east of Europe, the change to capitalism has meant wholesale neo-liberal policies – the CIA factbook says: " Major privatizations are nearly complete, the banking sector is almost entirely in foreign hands, and the government has helped facilitate a foreign investment boom with business friendly policies”, including “cheap and skilled labour.” Among the most skilled and the cheapest are of course Slovakia’s teachers. Included in the demand that 6% of Gross Domestic Product be spent on education, is more funding for research. Teachers fear that the spending cuts will also mean salary cuts. All teaching and non-teaching staff will stop work in September 13th.