Slovakian Teachers' Rally in September Teachers in Slovakia are going on indefinite strike from today The strike  will last as long as members can bear the financial burden according to reports. The Slovakian government has offered a 5% pay increase, but the unions are demanding 10%. This is the second strike by Slovakian teachers this term. Teachers in Slovakia are some of the lowest paid in the European Union, with their starting pay at about $640 a month. As well as a salary increase, teachers are also demanding more funding for education and research. The strike is being joined by teachers across all phases of education, from nursery to university levels, as well as non-teaching staff in the education sector. What is more the strike has the support of social services and health workers who will wear a yellow ribbon in support of the teachers. Trade unions representing scientists and Volkswagen workers are also supporting the strike. Slovakia underwent a sharp change to neo-liberal policies after the collapse of the eastern block countries in the early nineties. Since then as we reported last year, of the general population, 21% live below the poverty line. The CIA factbook says: " Major privatizations are nearly complete, the banking sector is almost entirely in foreign hands, and the government has helped facilitate a foreign investment boom with business friendly policies”, including “cheap and skilled labour.” Among the most skilled and the cheapest are of course Slovakia’s teachers. The teachers are planning mass demonstrations today in Slovakian cities including the capital, Bratislava.