Teachers demonstrating in Slovenia Today Teachers in Slovenia, Europe, are on strike today with other public sector workers against planned cuts The slovenian government is planning to cut public sector wages by 7 - 10% and freeze jobs - in an effort to cut its deficit. The bulk of the cuts will come in the education sector and nearly all schools in the country were closed by the strike, with 85% of teachers taking part as well as health workers, civil servants, police and customs officials. The government is planning to cut the education budget by 12.5%. It plans to increase class sizes, close or merge some schools and increase teachers' working hours as well as cutting the number of counsellors and librarians. Education International has sent its full support to the Slovenian teachers. A government spokesman is quoted as saying that public sector workers need to 'face reality' - presumably the reality that they are being asked to pay for a crisis which has been made by bankers, corporations and hedge funds, while those people continue to make huge profits.