Public Sector Workers Demonstrating in Slovenia The vast majority of schools are shut in Slovenia today as teachers join the public sector strike Teachers are joining other public sector workers, including health workers and civil servants,  in a demonstration in the capital Ljubljana today. The Slovenian government is attacking the public sector in an attempt to solve its economic crisis and avoid having to seek a bail out. Public sector salaries which are already low compared to those in other parts of the Eurozone are being cut by 5%. The adoption by the government of the kind of neo-liberal policies favoured by the International Monetary Fund and the European Union have exacerbated the problems in the country according to one commentator, who describes the way state industries and banks have been privatised leading to corruption and cronyism. "Critics, however, warn," he says, "that the radical austerity policy started last year, with cuts in wages, pensions, layoffs, and rising unemployment especially among young people, accompanied by a strict fiscal policy, is destroying the middle class, public services, and the internal market, with deleterious effects that recall Menem's Argentine. Growth is paralysed, the country is demoralized, entries are further reduced and deficit increases, while brain drain is by now a daily phenomenon. Those who can, leave, while the eyes and stomach of ordinary citizens are offended by increasing cases of corruption, cronyism, nepotism, privileges, and impunity of the political class."