A walkout by Slovenia’s teachers on March 14 closed the nation’s schools for the second time in two months.  The previous national work stoppage was on February 14, part of a campaign by public employees. Over 40,000 teachers joined that one-day strike, shown in the picture blowing horns to call attention to their protest. During that protest teachers vowed they would do another walkout if their demands were not addressed by the government.

Slovenian teachers are calling for wage increases to bring teachers’ wages to parity with other public employees. They plan to hold the next walkout on April 17 if the government remains unresponsive. During a financial crisis in 2012, Slovenia imposed draconian cuts on public employees’ wages, and the relatively small improvements have not compensated for the lost income.

Years of government cuts to public services throughout the world are being fought by public employees, with teachers unions often in the forefront.