Up to hundred teachers in Greece are being prosecuted for participating in anti-austerity protests. 

Information received by this website indicates that the teachers are being prosecuted along with other protesters for taking part in actions such as occupations, distributing leaflets or taking part in demonstrations. According to one teacher:

The government is getting ready to attack public education by implementing the evaluation of teachers, closing down schools and university departments, firing and increasing teachers’ working hours. It’s characteristic that successive governments from 1985 up until now have tried to implement the evaluation of teachers and have been defeated into doing so by the union movement. Memorandum 3, which was voted by the government last November, foresees that any teacher or civil servant who is subject to any kind of prosecution will be automatically put into suspension or fired. Over 100 teachers in Greece are being prosecuted at this moment. The government’s favorite targets are left-wing and teachers belonging to the union movement. Colleagues have been targeted by parents with extreme-right background, either because they do not like the way they teach or because they use teaching resources they do not approve of. The Department of Education is trying to accomplish simultaneously the sacking and an attack against unions. What should be noted is that in order for someone to be accused of Disciplinary Prosecution and go into suspension or to be fired, he doesn’t have to be condemned by a criminal court. He needs only to be prosecuted. “Innocent until proven guilty” does not apply. It’s a witch hunt. All of the prosecuted are teachers or civil servants face the danger of losing our jobs.

Teachers’ union OLME has voted on a resolution in support of the teachers who are subject to prosecution.

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