Teachers and pupils in Denmark are locked out of their schools in an ongoing dispute with the government.

On Tuesday, Danish teachers formed a 32 Km (20 mile)  long human chain to protest against the lockout. Meanwhile demonstrations happened all over Denmark as teachers’ leaders said that they were united and were prepared to fight ‘for as long as it takes.’

As part of an overall shift towards neo-liberal education policy, the government wants an end to the present 25 hour weekly limit on teaching and for teachers to have their teaching hours determined by schools. The union accuses the government of interfering in the negotiations with their employers – a break from custom and practice in Denmark. Moreover teachers believe that the government has provoked the crisis – which means that 875,000 children are not in school for an indefinite period and teachers are unpaid – in order to force through their reforms.

Tomorrow teachers from across Denmark will converge on Copenhagen for a lobby of the Danish parliament. – the European section of EI has sent letters of protest to the Danish government.

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