Today is teachers' day in Somalia and this website sends greetings to Somali teachers and to their union which is engaging in the struggle to unite Somali teachers and advocate for education. The Somali National Union of Teachers (SONUT) has as its aims:

  • To foster unity and progress among all teachers in Somalia.

  • To foster the spirit of active co-operation and comradeship between teachers and other workers.

  • To promote and advance the course of education and the teaching profession throughout the federation and also endeavor to secure the removal of difficulties, abuses, anomalies and obsolete regulations detrimental to progress.

  • To enhance the social and economic well-being of members and establish welfare funds for the benefit of members of the Union.

  • To provide a forum for the co-operation of teachers and the promotion of their welfare, the interest of education and the teaching profession.

  • To promote the corporate image of the Union both nationally and internationally by ensuring the continued existence of a strong, virile and well articulated organization.

The union is working under incredibly difficult conditions. It has only just resumed its work after the most recent political problems in the country. The country has faced years of civil war as well as a major drought in 2011, causing mass famine and a refugee crisis. Nevertheless the struggle to educate the country's children has continued. As this website reported in 2011, the situation has been exacerbated by the involvement of the US in the affairs of the country and by Somalia's centrality to the so-called 'war on terror' even though this agenda has never been agreed by the Somali people. 

Moreover teachers and pupils have suffered attacks both from Somali and Ethopian forces during the civil war. And many teachers worked without pay to ensure that children were educated, even under these incredibly hard conditions.

The  continued commitment of Somali teachers and of SONUT to educating Somali children can only be described as heroic and teachersolidarity salutes them on their Somali Teachers' day.

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