Mayday Demonstration in Istanbul last Year Teachers in many parts of the world are holding or joining in with demonstrations to celebrate Mayday In Greece there will be public sector strikes and demonstrations today against the savage cuts being imposed by the Greek government at the behest of the IMF, the EU and the European Central Bank. Similar demonstrations will take place in Spain and Portugal - also facing massive cuts. In Australia the Australian Education Union (AEU) is taking part in celebrations for Mayday this Saturday, while in Puerto Rico, teachers unions are planning a demonstration this afternoon against the neo-liberal policies of the Puerto Rican government. Occupy Wall Street which has had strong support from teachers is calling for actions all over the US today. In San Fransisco the call is for a general strike  and in Chicago the Chicago Teachers Union is supporting a call for a mass demonstration today. In New York there is a 'strike for education' with a free university According to the OWS website,  " Those gathered in Madison Square Park, and those meeting in other spaces in solidarity, will create a university that is open to all, without debt or tuition for students, without pre-requisites, age limits or any other disqualifying requirements. Learning can only happen through interaction, exchange, and dialogue. To create a living future together, all must be included and welcome. " There are reports of actions in Canada, the UK, Bahrain, Indonesia and Turkey and many other countries. Teachersolidarity sends greetings this Mayday to teachers all over the world who are leading the fight against cuts and standing up for free, public and democratic education.