Teachers in the Solomon Islands are continuing with their strike for pay justice.

The teachers, who are members of the Solomon Islands Teachers Association have been on strike since the beginning of March, demanding the payment of money owed to them since 2012.

Despite threats of disciplinary action including sacking, the teachers say they will not return to work until the dispute is settled.

The Solomon Islands government has been in ongoing negotiations with the IMF for continuing credit facilities, as well as being partly dependent on ‘aid’. It is doubtless no coincidence that under these conditions it is attempting to cut its spending by failing to pay money owed to teachers. In a requesting more help, the government promises among other things: “We will contain public expenditure and enhance the quality of public spending”, which presumably means that they will cut public spending – and in education that means predominately teachers’ pay – but get better ‘value for money’ in other words more work for less pay.