solblog.jpg Solomon Islands Children learning in a Tent after their School was destroyed by the Tsunami Teachers in the Solomon Islands have given their government 2 weeks to come up with the back pay they are owed otherwise they will go on strike The teachers are members of the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association (SINTA). The government had agreed to pay them a 12% rise two years ago but had only come up with 5%. Teachers were particularly incensed by the parliamentarians paying themselves extra money. Although the head of state of the Solomon Islands is the queen of the UK and despite it having potential mineral wealth it is one of the poorest countries in the world. According to some estimates less than 60% of the islands' children have access to education and only 30% of those who complete primary school are able to progress to secondary school. English is the official language yet it is only spoken by a small proportion of the population. To make matters worse the country was badly affected by the tsunami. Despite these difficulties teachers in the Solomon Islands are struggling to give the children a good education and have held up their planned strike in order for exams to take place.