Polic protecting the Greek Parliament against Protestors today As the result of the latest 'austerity' package, 21,000 Greek teachers will be asked to work for nothing or even pay money to keep their jobs According to reports on the internet, cuts to contract teachers' pay are to be made retrospectively - meaning some teachers will actually be asked to pay back money they have received since November 2011 as well as working for no pay this month. As well as teachers, 43,000 other public service workers are in the same position. Meanwhile protests continued outside the Greek parliament where the final details of the deal imposed by the Troika (the European Union, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund) are being discussed. The deal will mean unprecedented interference in Greek affairs with permanent inspectors from the EU checking that Greece is making the required cuts in its budgets - which of course will mean yet more poverty and yet more cuts in public services - not least in education. Not only that, but a consitutional change will mean that Greece is forced to give priority to debt repayments over the funding of public services. More public sector strikes are planned for tomorrow.