South African teachers picketed the Education Ministry in Durban today in their ongoing campaign for proper funding for education. The teachers, who are members of SADTU, are demanding the resignation of the Education Minister Angie Motshekga. The province has recently used $52 million to set up a biometric clocking in system for teachers. The union says that instead the government should be spending money on eradicating oversized classes and improving facilities in rural schools, where children are often taught in mud buildings.

Under Motshekga's watch, many schools are still without basic facilities like toilets. In Limpopo Province, children were without text books for months, after the provision of books was outsourced to a private company, EduSolutions. The bill for the books was ten times what it would have been before the privatisaiton. EduSolutions is run by millionaire Shaun Battlemann, who has made huge profits through outsourced contracts, exactly the kind of enterprise which the World Bank is encouraging.

Last week, SADTU announced that its members would be on a work to rule to press its demands for proper funding for education. The union says that the morale of teachers is at an all time low.

More demonstrations are planned in Pretoria and Cape Town next week. Meanwhile the union has threatened that if more funding is not used to improve conditions in schools, the teachers' action will escalate.