COSATU Members demonstrate against Labour Brokers South African teachers are on strike today with thousands of other workers against the use of temporary contracts in all branches of work The South African Democratic Teachers' Union (SADTU) is heeding the strike call from the Trade union centre, COSATU. SADTU General Secretary Mugwena Maluleke said, “Unfortunately the department does not have solutions for all our problems. We are going ahead with the march, if you are going to plead with the employer, you’ll never get what you are looking for.We will never be able to achieve our goals if we do not make sacrifices to change the country and the world." The use of temporary contracts is a problem for workers in many areas of work in South Africa, with so-called labour brokers paying minimum wages for precarious work, while employers are able to increase their profits. But it is also a problem in education, as post after post on this website reports from many parts of the world. Last November, we reported a dispute in Eastern Cape in South Africa, where 4000 temporary teachers were put out of a job.