Teachers in South Africa are striking and demonstrating today in support of their calls for the resignation of the Minister for Education Angie Motshekga and her Director General Bobby Soobrayan. The South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) is protesting about the low levels of education funding, the governments' unilateral withdrawal from collective bargaining agreements and the practice of employing teachers on temporary contracts. Many teachers are particularly incensed by Soobrayan's purported role in the text book scandal in Limpopo - the poorest province in South Africa. Despite large amounts of money being provided to buy textbooks, many learners were without books for months after textbook production was privatised and corruption happened on a massive scale.

Demonstrations are taking place in many parts of the country today including Capetown and Pretoria and the trade union centre COSATU will be leading some of the marches.

Many teachers are expected to take part, despite threats of disciplinary action by the education department. The teachers have been on a work to rule since the beginning of this term. Many workers in other unions have sent messages of solidarity to SADTU including transport and agricultural workers. South African students are also supporting the protests.