Teachers in the South Darfur province of Sudan have been on strike for four days in the fight to recover money that has been owed to them since 2007. Education Ministry staff are also on strike. They are owed approximately $13,000 per person in back pay.

South Darfur has been the scene of ongoing civil war during much of the period where the back pay is owed. Sudan is a 'Highly Indebted Poor Country' according to World Bank criteria, and this despite the fact that until the secession of South Sudan it had access to considerable oil wealth. The unequal sharing out of the wealth has been one of the main causes of the conflicts in the country which have cost hundreds of thousands of  lives. Now oil giants like Total and Exxon are negotiating deals to enable them to extract oil and profits from South Sudan. Meanwhile all over Sudan and South Sudan, including in South Darfur, teachers and other education employees have been doing their best in impossible circumstances to provide an education in schools often with poor or no facilities, furniture and supplies. The teachers fight in South Darfur is a fight for pay justice and deserves global support.