Teachers in a previous Protest in South Korea Teachers in South Korea are demanding that the government ends its testing regime The Korean Teachers Union (KTU) has demanded that the government halt standardised testing, which is used in the country to determine school budgets - those with higher test results get more money from the government.  KTU President Jang Seok-woong explained to Education International, that this “puts a strong pressure on the schools to get a high grade on the testing by fair means or foul. Implementing standardised testing since 2008, the Government has driven teachers and students into cut throat competition and spread the philosophy of teaching only to the test, narrowing the school curriculum.” Ever since the government of Lee Myung-bak came to power in 2008, the teachers union has been repressed. Some teachers who refused to administer the tests  were sacked. Morevoer over a hundred teachers have been sacked for 'taking part in political activities' - campaigning against the government which is illegal for teachers in that country. EI has offered its full support to the KTU.