School Students protesting Police Brutality and Education Cuts Ten people were arrested in Valencia, Spain as they protested against education cuts and police repression Last Wednesday students of the Luis Vives school in Valencia demonstrated against education cuts, made by the Valencia government. In particular, the students complained that they had to take blankets to the school because of a lack of heating. The young people were met with police repression, with many students complaining of police brutality, and reports of students as young as 12 being attacked by police. As a result a new demonstration of teachers and pupils was called on Thursday, which blocked the main street and which resulted in the ten arrests - at least one of those arrested was a minor. These events follow demonstrations in January in Valencia where parents, students and teachersprotested against education cuts. The protesters said  that the Valencia government had not provided any funding since May 2011. Parents said schools had asked them to provide chalk, paper and even toilet paper in order to keep them open. One school had just $100 in its bank account to last till the end of the month. Meanwhile, teachers had taken pay cuts and many teaching and ancillary posts had been lost. In a related development, mass demonstrations have been called in Spain today to protest new laws which will make it easier for employers to cut wages or sack workers under conditions where youth unemployment is the highest in Europe at almost 50%. Like governments across the world, the Spanish government is forcing the poor, public services and in particular the young to pay for the crisis of the economic system.