Thousands of school students are taking to the streets of the Spanish capital Madrid today to protest against new school 'reforms' which will see them having to take even more tests to qualify for university.

One of the main slogans of the march is: 'Neither revalidation nor selection! Let the worker's child go to the university!'

The new exams are part of the LOMCE law which teachers, parents and students say will restrict the curriculum to the needs of the state and business, crush wider learning and critical thinking and is tantamount to indoctrination. The law also increases the drive to privatisation. The new tests will mean that teachers will be forced to teach to the test in order to enable their students to pass, and the push for results will increase the already great stress on students.

The protesters will be joined this afternoon by thousands of parents, also protesting against the LOMCE reforms and for the defence of public education.

Students' leaders said that they were disappointed that the teachers' unions had not organised a national strike to coincide with their action and made it clear that there would be more school strikes if the new tests were not withdrawn.