Schoolchildren and their Parents picketing a School in Spain this Morning Secondary school children are striking all across Spain today against education cuts The children are staging a national 'truancy day' - refusing to go to classes to protest against the $6.5 billion education cuts since 2010, which have meant larger class sizes, parents having to pay for text books and a huge increase in tuition fees for higher ecuation. The children, interviewed on the aljazeera website say they have a terrible future if these cuts are allowed to continue. 50% of Spain's youth are unemployed - the highest in the European Union. The students are being supported in their protest by parents and teachers. One parents' leader said that in a system which was supposed to provide free education for all, parents were having to find as much as $45o for text books - and of course in the present economic climate this makes for even more educational inequality, with many parents not being able to afford such a sum. On social media sites, parents are describing the strike as one of mothers and fathers as well - in solidarity with their children.