A poster for today's protest

Teachers in the CGT union in Spain are striking today and tomorrow against a package of education 'reforms' passed by the right wing  government in 2013. 

The reforms, called LOMCE, fast track privatisation, entrench education in Spanish and English at the expense of minority languages such as Catalan and cast education as primarily there to serve the interests of the economy. All the usual features of corporate education 'reform' are included - standardised testing, league tables and imposed curricula. Moreover as public education is starved of cash more and more schools are closing, a situation which has resulted in community occupations and struggles in many parts of the country.

Today's actions are part of the so-called Marea Verde (Green Tide - protesters wear green) movement which is fighting to defend public education in Spain. Teachers and their supporters will rally outside the Ministry of Education in the capital Madrid today and tomorrow.