Spanish Students protesting in Solidarity with Valencia earlier this Year Teachers in Valencia, Spain are to take several days strike action in May The teachers have voted to strike on 6 days in May as well as holding mass rallies in Valencia. The teachers are protesting at the sacking of 3,000 temporary teachers and other cuts, which are having a devastating impact on schools in the town. In February school student protests were violently put down by the police with many minors arrested in the town. The situation  was so bad at the beginning of this year that teachers and parents were having to buy basic supplies like toilet paper for the schools, and there was no heating, because no money had been made available by the municipal authorities since May 2011. This situation resulted in protests by parents, teachers and students in January. The latest unemployment figures from Spain show that nearly one in four adults are out of work and amongst the 16 - 25 age group the figure is 52%.